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Who's Berzerk For?

What is it you want from this life and this body? At CrossFit Berzerk, we’re committed to bringing out the best version of you to suit your lifestyle and goals.

Want to be able to run a 5K for fun? Pick up heavy things? Look and feel good in your clothes (and out of them!) How about building the body you want to take you for the long haul – moving, playing with kids or pets or grandkids, well into your twilight years?

CrossFit is: “Constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.” That’s the textbook definition. But what we’re really trying to say is, “Let us teach you how to do a wide variety of movements that’ll get you moving your body in many different ways so you’re ready for everything your life might demand of you… and more!”

We know you’re not on this page trying to figure out how to sling a tractor tire like a frisbee or lift your car to change a tire without using a jack (although kudos and we can totally help if you are.)

This is about taking you from where you are now with your health and fitness to where you want to be, with the help of supportive coaching and customized programming.

Whats my
first class
look like?


Check-In & Hellos

Arrive 5 minutes early so you can get checked in. Our coach will greet you, walk you through what to expect and show you around the gym. Our coaching staff will be able to answer any questions you have about the gym, equipment or the workout. 



Classes typically consist of three sections:

WARM UP: Let’s get the body primed for what’s to come. This is a coach-led warmup that is typically tailored to that day’s workout. 

STRENGTH: A strength-focused portion of the class that is designed to complement the workout and help achieve functional strength.

WORKOUT: Our workouts are constantly varied and designed around metabolic conditioning. These are designed to burn fat and help you achieve your fitness goals!


You Did it!

High fives and fist bumps all around. We wrap up class with a quick cool-down and then clean up. Use this time to talk with fellow classmates, or ask the coaching staff about your goals or any questions you have. 

SINCE 2009


Thousands of members have walked through our doors and significantly changed their lives. You can expect an overall health transformation including strength gains, loss of body fat, increase lean muscle mass and significant amount of energy in and outside the gym.

Ready to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outside Class

We ask that new members and first time guest arrive 10-15 minutes early to get checked in and shown around the gym. 

Be sure to wear athletic style clothing and footwear that you can sweat in and remain comfortable. Some members bring a small hand towel as well.

We have water available but you can also bring a beverage of your choice. 

This is a good time! We truly strive to make this an environment where members can check their stress at the door. We are a fun and friendly environment that has created a community that is built on determination and sweat. 

Everyone is welcome here! Just be sure to show up, bring a smile and make this the best hour of your day. 

Give us a call or drop in to schedule your next class! 

During Class

Absolutely not. Every one of our workouts are beginner friendly and can be completed at your own pace an within your own skill level.

Our professionally trained coaches are CrossFit credentialed and can adjust movements specifically for your needs. 

CrossFit is defined as “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.”

In simple terms, a CrossFit class is rarely the same, and is designed to improve your every day life through functional movements.